751 Ate Liz’s Coloring Book with ECPAT

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

U! Happy Events has always been rooted in activities that are both fun and educational to its beneficiaries. Last Saturday, these elements were again at work (and a whole lot more!).

The bright and bubbly group of Ate Liz (our birthday sponsor) made their way to the home of ECPAT, or End Child Pornography and Trafficking. This NGO is dedicated to aiding and caring for young girls who have been victims of child pornography, trafficking and sexual abuse.

With almost all participants being ladies, it was indeed a lovely gathering – with the notable exception of a pair of eager ‘thorns’ of course.

The day started with Ate Liz and her friends introducing themselves up front. They all gamely showcased their hidden talents too. After that, they were distributed among the five (5) groups where they got even more acquainted with the kids.

The first game was next up for everyone. This was the Pass the Ball game. In this U! original, gestures were first shown which everyone had to mirror. Then two balls were passed around in each group while seated down. Music was being played during this time. When the music stopped, the members with the ball would have to race to stand first while doing the gesture being asked for. The team who did this first got the point. The game’s quite a mouthful to explain but take our word for it that it’s simple and engagingly fun. This was again another perfect icebreaker game for both the volunteers and kids to be more comfortable with each other.

Ate Liz then led the event for a very enriching exercise. She first guided everyone on a ‘self-portrait’ activity which aims to nurture the creative thinking of the kids. It sure got their feet wet for the day’s main activity.

Turns out, Ate Liz is quite the artist with her own published coloring book. But aside from featuring drawings and patterns to shade, her book also included Bible passages to provide words of encouragement and messages of love from Jesus Christ. The book is aptly titled Art to Feed the Heart. Each kid was given his/ her own coloring book which they heartily worked on with their Ates. This was certainly one of our more serene activities.

After feeding their hearts, it was time to feed their tummies with a serving of a beloved afternoon snack. More gifts were then given to the kids before gathering for a final photo to put a vibrant end to the day’s activities.

Ate Liz and her friends offered a very unique activity to the kids from ECPAT. Our heartfelt thanks to them for their very sincere time they spent with the kids.

U! Happy Events

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