357 Ate Lian’s Accessory Workshop with Holy Family Home

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Our fourth and last event of the weekend ended on a really happy note as we reached out to teens of Holy Family Home in Makati. Since it was only our second trip there this year, we look forward to having two more. Hopefully you can join us then. Stay tuned to our list at Upcoming Events.

We started of the early afternoon by partnering and getting each one to share a few interesting things about themselves first. Next stop was games. We grouped everyone into four and told each one to give all they got. Two U! Happy Events games were played: Bring Me Art and Stack Me Up. Both got too exciting as the teams competed real well. It was a close fight.

A fitting and timely workshop was held after thanks to Ate Lian Martin and her family. We got Ate Weng Cutangco, our very own treasurer to conduct the loom band workshop. It was fortunate that a number of the volunteers have experience for most of the girls were first timers. Another awesome news, the sponsor provided each one their own set to work on.

The second to the last stop was 3 of Ate Lian’s guy friends carrying her 3 cakes for cake blowing. Her mom intentionally got 3 to share with the girls. We sang Happy Birthday 3 times as well. Last was a group photo that ended well with hugs from each other. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events