311 Ate Lianne’s Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

A major part of our campaign, Create Your Own Events are birthdays. We are grateful to volunteers who sponsor a happy day with children. It one awesome, selfless act of celebration. We have considerably increased these in the past years.

Ate Lianne Bacorro is one example. As early as two months back, she contacted us already. Similar to others who contact us, they’re nervous or even clueless on how to go about the outreach. Our next step is to give assurance by providing a platform to make things easy. Ate Lianne was delighted to know about our tested system.

U! Happy Events does all the coordination, logistics and other necessary functions. It involves all before, during and after activities. Our sponsor can be involved as much as possible, we simply do as much as we can for them. The form online provides them everything from date, beneficiaries, budget, activities, gifts and all relevant details needed. Visit us today if you wish to make an event for kids too.

Sunday afternoon had a real summer feel. It was hotter than usual! Despite of the weather, volunteers came early to set-up and chat. Kids from Children’s Joy Foundation were hanging around with us while we wait for kids from nearby community to join as well. Ate Lianne requested for 40 kids.

The program was filled with activities. We had performances, getting to know, games (Banderitas Challenge and Bring me Art), food and our accessory making workshop (Bracelet of Hope). A lot of photos, happy emotions and stories in between was shared. Values like competition, team work and discipline was definitely present as well.

As Kuya Harvard took the time to speak to the volunteers after, he got a lot of yes in going back again to volunteer. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events