871 Ate Lianne and Friends’ Fir Tree with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

Six single ladies from CCF Tiendesitas refused to have the so called “malamig na Pasko” this coming Christmas and opted to have a short but warm bonding time with the tiny ones from Jesus Loves The Little Children.

Our lovely ates who showed their amazing dancing skills—Lianne, Via, Joan, Sher, Christine and Shandee—joined 26 kids from kinder to grade 1. They were grouped into 5 in preparation for the day’s exciting activities.

For the first exercise, the groups were given colored papers. Kuya Harvard then instructed each group to be resourceful and creative by making a manger using the material provided. Next, the kids and ates played Paint Me A Picture. The groups must form a picturesque scenario for every category that was given: Christmas shopping, roller coaster ride, Noche Buena, giving birth and an angel manifesting itself to the people. Ate Chessika chose the winning team for the best manger and mannequin challenge. The very talented and hand-gifted ate Blanca was also there to teach the kids how to make little Christmas trees made from styrofoam, barbecue sticks and colored papers.

After the entertaining activities, snacks were distributed for the kids to take for merienda; spaghetti and burger from our favorite Jollibee!

At the end of the program, our dear ates shared bags of goodies from Oishi and story books from Adarna House. In return, they received the best bear hugs from the tiny balls of cuteness who went home with delight in their hearts. It is but one’s choice to be happy; it should not be dependent on another person or any material. Before the year ends, these ladies with loving hearts chose happiness for Christmas. No cold holidays for them!

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