734 Ate Leslie’s Spoon Caricatures with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Written President, Ate Te Candano

It was great to be back in Jesus Loves Little Children. We welcomed a lot of new volunteers who were first timers in the place. Ate Lei who was celebrating her birthday brought a lot of new faces to be a blessing to the more than 30 kids present during the event. The afternoon promised to be a great one despite the hot weather outside.

We started the event with the kids and volunteers getting to know each other. As we had a 1:1 ratio, we initially had the volunteers look for the kid with the same number as theirs. Once everyone was paired off, we grouped them together and was able to form 5 groups. They were tasked to know each other’s name, favorite game and favorite color. The room was abuzz with all the chatter from each team.

Despite the limited space, we were still able to play a game. We did a mental game with them called How Far Can You Go. In this game, we gave categories wherein each group had to give their answer. To make it more exciting, we had the kids answer on the group’s behalf. The ates and kuyas were there to help them out as we threw in categories like: Philippine holidays, Disney characters, Green Vegetables and even Round Fruits. It was amazing to see everyone participate and have fun along the way.

After the exciting first game, the celebrant, Ate Lei had a surprise for everyone present. She went in front of everyone with two of her friends to assist us as she taught us the action song: Yes, Jesus Loves Me. It was nice to see everyone singing and doing the actions while learning it. Ate Lei gave a big message that despite all our problems in life, Jesus is always there to love us no matter. Such an inspiring thought as we went through the event.

It was not the end yet for our activity as we were still halfway through. Next came Ate Divine, one of our resident balloon artist, who taught the kids to do a couple of balloon twisting tricks. Even if the kids may not be able to follow, the volunteers were on hand to help them out. At the end of the activity, the kids knew now how to do balloon twisting in the shape of a sword, poodle, heart, hat and even a rabbit!

Next up was our main event, the art workshop with Kuya CJ. He taught the kids how to do Spoon Puppets. ‎These are regular colored spoons that are transformed into puppets with the kids designing the outfits of the puppets. It was fun to see the creativity of the kids as they even made superheroes complete with cape and all and some even accessorized the puppets with hats and other head gears.

An event full of activities, everyone was already famished. Merienda was prepared to everyone’s delight. We even had a standby ice cream cart for dessert. Just the perfect remedy for the intense heat that afternoon. After merienda, kids were given gifts from Ate Lei and her friends. School supplies, lootbags with goodies and books were distributed to the kids. We ended the afternoon with singing to the celebrant and wishing her more blessings so that she will be able to bless other kids.

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