777 Ate Lany Celebrates with AHA Learning Center

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

It was a rainy saturday afternoon as we all headed to A-HA Learning Center in Makati. We already had quite a number of events with the kids of A-HA since 2014 but it was our first time holding the event in their learning center. We had several film showing in the past, as well as workshops like baking, parol making, and others. Ate Donna and the other teachers hold math and english tutorials in the center for the children after classes and they have values formation on saturdays. They have children as young as four and they cater to kids until high school.

The event on saturday was created by Ate Lany, who was celebrating her 27th birthday. She recently got a job offer abroad and she was very thankful of the blessing. As a thanksgiving event she invited her friends to celebrate with her by sharing their time with these children.

Despite the rainy afternoon Ate Lany and her friends arrived at the learning center and they enthusiastically introduced themselves to the kids by showing off their dancing skills. The volunteers gave not only solo performances but also group performances as they danced energetically.

We divided the 40 kids into four groups and they were joined by their ates and kuyas. They had the opportunity to get to know one another, talked about what the kids wanted to be when they grow up. They also came up with their group names: Avengers, Power Rangers, Descendants, and Marshmallows.

We then had our super fun balloon game. Everyone was given different colored balloons. Kuya Richard would blow up a sample balloon into a specific size then everyone had to copy the size of the balloon he showed. The first group with everyone raising their correct-sized balloons would win. The challenge was the kids were really energetic so some of them ended up blowing their balloons really really big. They were so adorable as their tried to make their balloons smaller. As they blew our the air some of balloons went all over the place! It was hard to contain their excitement as everyone tried to finish all at the same time. The ates and kuyas tried their hardest to make sure the sizes are all correct. In the end it was team Power Rangers who won the game.

The next activity was the magnificent magic show by Kuya Mac. The kids cheered in delight as Kuya Mac performed his Dove Act. He also showed the kids his seemingly empty paper bag and kept pulling boxes and boxes out of it. He had his flat fast food menu where he pulled “burger” and “fries” from it. The kids cheered when he put his arms on fire while wearing a metal gear. Prior to the show Kuya Mac did not forget to remind the children not to try the tricks at home. He called on a volunteer in front and gave the kid his wand to teach him magic. Everytime the child grabbed the wand it broke down into pieces, then Kuya Mac would hold it and it would magically become straight again. The kids were laughing at their friend Ashlin who was trying to keep the wand straight.

After the magic show we had our Art Workshop. We gave different animal masks to the different children that they could color. There were fox, lion, bear, dog, monkey, and my favorite, the bunny mask. We also taught the kids how to make a panda mask. The ates and kuyas helped the kids transform their white masks into something colorful. The kids happily wore their masks after the workshop.

After the activity-filled afternoon it was time for the children to rest. They had their snacks and we gave out storybooks to the winners of the game. Ate Lany also gave out gift bags for the kids. We sang a Happy Birthday song for Ate Lany while her friends gave her cake. She shared a message for the children. She told them she was thankful for the blessings God has given her. In turn she wanted to be an instrument of blessing for others. She chose to spend her birthday this year with these children. She told the kids to always be good and to pray everyday for God is always there for them.

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