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Friday, December 9, 2016

Written by U! Happy Events’ Staff, Ate Michaela Maligaya

One famous verse says, “whatever your right hand does, do not let the left hand know.” Today, a group of friends with giving hearts brought this verse to life. 6 individuals had come together to achieve one goal–to give love on Christmas day without waiting or expecting for anything in return; not even a simple recognition.

30 little angels from Gawad Kalinga compound in Bicutan were chosen to participate for today’s mini-Christmas party with our sponsor ates and kuyas. To start the activity, they showcased their talent in dancing by giving a short impromptu introduction number for the kids.

Fun games were prepared for the kids, ates and kuyas. They were grouped into 5 with mixed members. For the first game, colored papers and a pair of scissors were distributed to each member of the group. Kuya Harvard then asked items related to Christmas for the groups to cut out from the paper. First team to have all their members cut the item out wins. Their were different shapes and sizes formed by the kids. The second game also had to be accomplished with team effort. Shoot Me! Paper cups were formed into a tall pyramid. Each member of the team was given a rubber band. The goal was to toss all the paper cups on the floor using the rubber bands.

After the games, everyone got hungry! And what’s best for lunch? Of course! Jollibee chicken joy and spaghetti for the kids.

Before the day ends, the sponsor ates and kuyas shared bundles of joy with the little ones. A bag full of Noche Buena package, toys and other gifts were given to each child for them to take home and share with their families. Now everyone can celebrate a very merry Christmas this coming December 25. From the bottom of the kids’ hearts, much gratitude extended to our ates and kuyas. U! Happy Family hopes that spreading love as simple yet as meaningful as this won’t stop at nothing until each kid who can be reached feels that they are valued.

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