476 Ate Kim’s Zumba with Metro World Child

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Written by President, Te Candano and Secretary, Glenn Costales

It was gearing up to be one of the more pulsating Saturdays of U! Happy Events this month. Ate Kim, our lovely sponsor, had celebrated her birthday nearly a month ago. It certainly did not stop her though from putting together an event and sharing her blessings with our children beneficiaries. Ate Kim gathered her friends for a day of active fun with the equally dynamic kids of Metro World Child. Metro World Child is an international organization providing spiritual, educational and physical support to street children here in the Philippines.

The day began with a simple orientation to both kids and volunteers. As dance tunes were being played in the background, some of the children already admitted to not being very good dancers. (And boy, were they in for a surprise…!)

The getting-to-know activity soon got underway. With everyone distributed into groups, we had them ask each other’s names and favorite songs, as well as one-word to describe them. As their information was going around, names like Taylor Swift and songs like Thinking Out Loudwere being mentioned. One of the kids also mentionedLord I Offer My Life as his favorite song which was very nice to know.

After the introductions, it was right on to the day’s main activity, the Zumba Workshop. Ate Dianne, a professional Zumba instructor, took the stage and led everyone for the next 40 minutes. The whole group danced to songs like Bang, Bang, Shake it Off, Love Never Felt So Good, Gimme Gimme and others more.

With still much energy to go around, the teams readied for the 1st game – the Dance Showdown. Yes, it again involved dancing! In the game, teams just ‘battled’ through a series of dance songs. The volunteers got into it themselves. They were fairly young (still) but they surprisingly knew how to do the Macarena. The kids did their part too as they cheerfully did the Cha-Cha by child celebrity, Ryzza Mae.

The groups then put their minds together for the 2ndgame – How High Can You Go. In this game, categories were given which the teams had to bid to. Their bid would determine how many items from the category they could enumerate. The highest bid got to try and win the point. The categories included Disney movies, superheroes, Philippine holidays, fruits, vegetables and more.

The next activity had everyone finally settle down for an early lunch. A sweet surprise soon came when Ate Kim served some delicious ice cream from New Zealand Creamery. It was such a treat not only for the kids but also for the adults present.

Not long after that, we surprised Ate Kim with a birthday song and cupcake. She was moved when everyone started clapping and singing to her.

Gift giving followed as Ate Kim and her friends distributed bags of goodies to the kids. It was filled with school supplies, a fan and T-shirts they could use for school. The kids even got a personalized shirt with a cross and a heart (+ = <3). Ate Kim said that the cross symbolizes Jesus and His never failing love for us which is the heart. Her message for the kids was to always study hard, stay in school and keep praying to Jesus.

A final photo captured the day’s lively rendezvous as the kids also took time to give the volunteers a tight embrace for being such amazing kuyas and ates.

It was such a superb morning with the kind hearts of the volunteers, and of course, Ate Kim. The day started with an array of physical exercises, then capped off by symbols of Jesus’ love. Thank U to all who were part of it!

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