323 Ate Kim Celebrates with Bahay Maria

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

It was the last Saturday of May and the team of U! raced to one of three events that day to cap off an eventful month. The sponsors and volunteers were greeted by the familiar faces of Bahay Maria. Located in Makati City, Bahay Maria provides shelter and education to abandoned girls from different parts of the country.

Ate Kim Abanto and her friends sponsored the day’s activities that were sure to keep the volunteers and kids engaged in a fun-filled morning. The activities focused on a number of games that were designed to promote communication and teamwork.

The day started with the volunteers and kids getting acquainted and comfortable with each other. After that, the teams prepared for the 1st of 3 paper cup games.

First up was the Paper-Cup-Pyramid game. In this game, the teams were given 45 pieces of paper cups. They then had to assemble and make use of all the cups into different size pyramids. The teams had to work together to figure out exactly how many paper cups they had to use on the different pyramids.

After a mental exercise with the last game, the teams lined up for the Paper-Cup Relay game. The teams lined up as they tried to best each other in passing paper cups using only straws in their mouths. In the end, one team conquered the challenge and emerged the fastest in this game.

The 3rd and final game was a battle of marksmanship and concentration – the Rapid Fire game. Using rubber bands stretched from their fingers, the teams had to knock off their pyramid paper cups from about 8 feet away. The kids just burst out of the gates and focused their eye sights to knock off the cups across them. The volunteers got into the contest too as they competed to get the win for their team.

The volunteers and kids then settled down to enjoy a wonderful meal of pizza and spaghetti. Soon after, the kids were embracing their ates and kuyas goodbye as they received their parting gifts.

U! Happy Events again expresses their gratitude to Ate Kim Abanto and her friends for their support in making the event possible. The team also thanks Bahay Maria for again opening their doors to our partners and volunteers.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events