931 Ate Kezia Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Written by Kuya Harvard

Another trip to one of the orphanages in Quezon City, Gentle Hands happened through the generous hands of the Peig family. Ate Kezia Arabella Peig went to celebrate her 15th birthday and she did so with family and close friends from school. 40 kids as young as 5 years old joined us for an afternoon of interaction through games, food and entertainment.

When I was 15, it didn’t occur to me then to have my birthday with marginalized children. I am thankful today that through our group, teens like Ate Kezia can do an outreach like this. And in doing so she gets to immerse herself and her circle on other realities of life. What were you doing with your blessing during your teens?

We played Stack Me Up with math questions as our main game and this was done after a series of getting to know questions from each group. The afternoon also had two shows- a magic show by Kuya Koby and a ventriloquism by Kuya Dennis. Our last stop was a balloon twisting activity before proceeding to our meals.

The Peig family also extended Hunger Packs for each kid as well as a school supply set. As we bid goodbyes to a memorable day, we encouraged the kids to give their new friends a high five or even a hug to cap of a truly meaningful birthday.

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