432 Ate Kennettee’s Baking Workshop with Tuklasan

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Chessika Chua

365 new days ahead. Every new year has always been a new beginning for everyone: new life, new perspective, new chances, new overall. But for us, it’s still about the good old times of sharing. Same old hearts willing to give, same goal of spreading love.

Among those 365 days, January 10 has been dedicated for Ate Kennettee’s birthday celebration! Another day of bonding with the kids. And today, we’ll be angels sending new hopes.

Our team went to Tuklasan Center at San Juan. Their primary aim is to provide care, protective, rehabilitative and preventive programs and services that will respond to the problems concerning street children.

To break the ice and to stir the atmosphere, we engaged the kids with a little sing a long. Then, our volunteer Ates and Kuyas found their ways to their kid partners.

The first activity was to get along with the kids. There were exchanges of names, favorites, hobbies, and the like. This lightened up the mood and made them feel more at ease.

For our main mission: Mango Banana Float Making! 🙂 Through her magical hands, Ate Weng taught the kids and volunteers how to make the dessert. The ates and kuyas guided the kids while preparing the dessert. The ingredients were already set and all they had to do is to follow the simple instructions for the perfection of the fruit float. The best thing about the activity is that the fun while bonding blossomed.

But wait, we haven’t reached the top of the climb. While waiting for the dessert to freeze, more games for us!

To buy us some time, we played the game Act a Video. Scenarios were given to the team and all they have to do was to re-enact the scene. Some of the scenes were Feast of the Black Nazarene, One Direction concert, PBA/NBA game, and a roller coaster ride. The kids were so imaginative and full of life, I think we found the next batch of Star Magic Philippines!

After we’ve loosen up some facial muscles and acting skills, it’s eating time! Would you like to guess what’s for dessert? Viola! The Mango Banana Float! Surprise!

Before the activity ends, cameras were up for the picture taking. The place was filled with smiles. 365 days. 21 kiddie hearts to fill with love. 1 goal of sharing happiness. To the same old goal with new positive outlook in life! Cheers!

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