609 Ate Kathy’s Balloon Twisting Workshop with UNO Kids

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

A gloomy feel welcomed the morning of October 18. Despite the hovering rain clouds however, an enthusiastic group of family and friends made their way to Manila to spend an animated time with the UNO community kids.

Ate Kathy Reaport was joined by her family and close friends for her birthday celebration. Together with the U! team, they arrived at the venue early to prepare the special treats they had in store for the kids.

Close to 30 kids soon arrived armed with their high-spirits to brighten up the cool atmosphere. After getting organized, the five (5) groups of kids were each joined by a pair of volunteers who would be their kuyas/ ates for the day.

The event got off to a torrid start with the Dance Showdown game. Dancing to popular songs, the teams had to come up with their own choreography while competing with the other teams – showdown style. With a number of their kids standing out, Ate Kathy’s group (Walang Forever) got the win and prizes for their kids.

Next up was the Hula Hoop Relay game. Using a hula hoop each, the groups lined up to pass the circular toy over and around their bodies. They had to do this with their hands joined together the entire time, while trying to finish ahead of the 4 other teams. Even with the team members rearranged a number of times, the only all boys group proved to be the best in hula hoops as they got the prizes in this game.

The entire group settled back in their circles for the day’s balloon twisting workshop. Colorful balloons were passed around as the kids learned how to make a sword, a heart, a dog and other fun shapes. Their kuas and ates also got in on the twisting fun as they helped out the kids in their group.

A sumptuous lunch and a lot of sweet delicacies were soon served to the groups. Ate Kathy prepared a bevy of sweetness for the kids to take home and enjoy with their families.

Soon after, school supplies were also distributed as the kids parting gifts for the day’s celebration. A commemorative group picture was the last activity for the day but it was one of the most memorable. The kids gave their kuyas and ates a final embrace as their gesture of gratitude for the special Sunday.

It’s always inspiring to see people go out of their way to help out especially on their birthday. U! Happy Events hopes to see Ate Kathy and her family and friends more in other events. Much thanks to these wonderful people for making the Sunday truly worthwhile.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events