369 Ate Kathleen’s Dance Workshop with Manila Boys Town

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

The first person to sign up to volunteer in our booth for Ateneo’s Volunteerism Week was Kathleen Sun. We were glad to hear from her two month’s back. She wanted to create her own event with us on her birthday. We found out too last August 31 that she co-celebrated it with her dad, Robert Sun.

It was our first time to be in Manila Boys Town. It is a center that caters for Manila’s abandoned, forgotten, and voluntarily surrendered children, teenagers, and senior citizens. On our visit we met 52 boys from the center ages 9-13 years. And yes, they were very active.

We started with getting to know before we proceeded for one of favorite games, Blind Egg Toss. In this game we teach the value of communication in the throwing of eggs. Next was our main activity, dance. We had Kuya Japs, one of our mainstay dance artist to lead the kids. He taught a series of steps and did a spontaneous one after. It was awesome to see how interested the boys were.

The last game before we went for merienda was Get In. Since we had a lot of participants that day, this was a fitting activity to get everyone involved. One team proved very strong as they won 3 out of 4 rounds.

During eating time, sponsors also distributed very nice sets of school supplies and loot bags for all the children. After our group photo we encouraged them to do share hugs to one another.

We will be back here on October 18 for another round of celebration. Stay tuned in our Upcoming Events for more details. Thank you! 🙂

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