836 Ate Karina’s Mind Museum with Project Pearls

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Another fruitful and enriching tour happened last weekend for our kids. Thanks to Ate Karina Ramos for sponsoring 18 children from Project Pearls for a trip to The Mind Museum. A happy bunch of 23 other friends joined her to celebrate her birthday.

We started with a meet up at Jollibee for Chicken Joy with Spaghetti breakfast and warm up game. It’s always better to start with an activity before they go around together and so we played Bring Me Art. In this game pairs stood up in their chairs after cutting out the ‘item’ I asked for. From a simple square we ended up making Ate Karina’s image. The winning pair illustrated her dimple mark.

We gave everyone 2 hours to learn more about science through documentaries or shows, interact with exhibits and even by just playing around. This is one field trip that brings home memories of fun and discoveries as well.

Before we separated ways, we gathered the kids and volunteers one last time for gift giving. Each child received pillows, supplies and various stuffed toys from my friend Ate Rica Tongco.

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U! Happy Events