839 Ate June and Ate Rox Celebrates with Hospicio de San Jose

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

Today was the joint birthday celebration of sisters Ate Rox and Ate June. Ate Rox turned 40 this year so she wanted to do something special with the children of Hospicio de San Jose. It is always nice visiting Hospicio de San Jose as all the children and elderly are well taken cared of. It is the first social welfare agency in the country that gives care for the orphans, abandoned, and the elderly. It is located in the middle of Pasig River, accessible via Ayala Bridge in Manila. This afternoon we got to spend time with some of the adorable toddlers at Hospicio de San Jose. Although they were young, ages 3-4, the children were very well-behaved. As the volunteers arrived at the Toddlers’ Play Room, the children immediately came up to the ates and kuyas wanted to be carried, and the volunteers eagerly carried them. As most cases in orphanages, the toddlers wanted to be hugged and carried. It shows the need of these children for love and affection.

We started the day by playing with the toddlers. We gave out balls and the volunteers got to play with the kids for a while. We then watched the entertaining magic show by Kuya Kobe. He did his famous tricks like doves flying everywhere, which the children watched in delight. One of the doves flew away and the kids were very quick in running after the dove. There was also a “snake” that came out of a pouch and the children shouted and laughed. Kuya Kobe picked a couple of children volunteers to participate. He picked Patrick and taught him some magic tricks. He also called on Queena to try out his flying table.

After the magic show the children got to enjoy their hearty spaghetti and burger snacks. Even if the kids were small they did eat a lot. Most of them finished one adult serving of spaghetti and some of them even finished their burgers afterwards. We then sang a Happy Birthday song for Ate June and Ate Rox. They then gave out a lot of goodies and treats for the kids. We also gave out other gifts like school supplies and baby feeding bottles.

As we spent the afternoon at Hospicio we got to talk to some of the people talking care of the kids. Some of the children are already up for adoption. One of the children, Patrick, will be adopted by a French couple and will be moving to Paris next month. Another kid will be heading over to the US. It is nice to know that these children will have the opportunity to have a home. They will now be part of a family that will give them the love that they deserve. As we said our goodbyes we thanked Ate June, Ate Rox, and their family for spending their time with the children. It was their first time doing an outreach event. As they were thankful for another year, they wanted to share their blessings with these children. As we celebrated their special day, we also celebrated the bright future for these children.

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