334 Ate Joyce Celebrates with Childhaus

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

One of our newest core team members, Ate Joyce Go celebrated her birthday with kids battling cancer. It was our third visit at Childhaus since we started partnership with them last year. 14 kids were present as others were still in treatment. 20 volunteers, mostly friends of Ate Joyce came ready for a blessed afternoon.

We started with introducing the volunteers to the kids and their parents then had them partnered for our first game, beach ball relay. We reminded the competitive Kuyas and Ates to handle the kids with extra care. It was a relief that they followed. The mechanics was simple, the volunteer and kid pairs up and puts the beach ball between them. They have to go around the chair without touching the beach ball with their hands. The team who finishes first, wins.

Ate Dyaly, our resident story teller was next to share a story on Hugo, a chameleon who instead of changing his color to blend with his immediate environment, he changes into the opposite color. It was a story about being proud of who you are. Each person is unique and we should use our gifts to benefit others.

After merienda and chats with patients, we ended the day with another game, Spell it Out. In this game, volunteers had to direct the kids in forming letters. Kuya Harvard gave 6 letter word clues. One team stood out quickly and they got to take home more story books for the kids.

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