592 Ate Janna Celebrates with Philippine General Hospital

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Written by Vice President for External, Charmain Tan

It’s been awhile since we visited and celebrate a fun afternoon at Philippine General Hospital. PGH is one of the well-established hospitals in the country. It opened its door to the public in 1910. It was transferred to University of the Philippines in 1947. If is one of the prestigious training hospitals in the country.

The U! Happy Events team facilitated the birthday celebration of Ate Janna Borrillo with the help of some of the doctors at PGH including Dra. Emmy Cua. We invited the children who previously had a heart surgery. Some of them had bypass at a very early age. It was a heartwarming event as the children are currently doing well. The most recent case was less than a year ago and the longest one was 17 years back.

We started the day by grouping the kids and volunteers so they can share things about themselves and get to know each other. We then had Bring Me Art where the members of the group were to cut out the item that we asked for. They did cut-outs of hearts, crown, fish, fireball and others. The first team that had all the members finish got a point.

We then played the Pera or Bayong where participants in pairs answered trivia questions by going to the letter which they think was the correct answer. The last remaining pair got to play the jackpot round where they got to choose between “Pera” or “Bayong”. The mother and daughter pair chose the “bayong” which had 10 story books in it rather than the Php 1,000 cash that Kuya Harvard offered.

A 25 minute Magic performance followed by Kuya Jacob. The crowd was delighted with tricks left and right. Birds coming out of nowhere and fire showing up to make a candle or umbrellas appear. An adorable child joined in to make the show even more entertaining.

We then ended the day by giving food, gifts and prizes to the kids.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events