524 Ate Jannie Celebrates with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

An encounter with anyone can be an opportunity to connect them to our cause and our goals for marginalized children in the Philippines. Case in point, I met Kuya Christopher Tan when he was a speaker for our partner JCI Makati’s talk, Investory. After the event, I approached him, did the small talks and found out that he has desire to extend more help to children in need.

Together with his friends including celebrant, Ate Jannie, we celebrated life with children battling different illnesses at Philippine Children’s Medical Center ward. Never mind the little space we had, it was all about creating happiness and bringing hope to the children and their families.

Knowing that the patients were unfamiliar with our set up that morning, I greeted good morning with all the smiles I can muster. This was my way, to somehow get everyone comfortable. I think it worked quite well. Our 5 guest volunteers made it more exciting when it was their turn to introduce themselves. They shared their names and paired it with a 5 second dance number.

To be able to interact further to our beneficiary, we had 5 kids pair up with our volunteers for our first game, Body Works. Here, we challenged them to put their different body parts together, connecting it one command after another. Competitve Kuya Chris won as expected.

Bubble show went next. It was an entertainment for the young kids and even for the adults. Bubbles flew in the air and everyone’s faces lighted up. Bubbles started small to out of this world sizes. Our last stop was getting some of the kids go inside of it. We told them to hold their breath. And they did. :)

Since we were still in the Independence day weekend, we went on to incorporate that in our second game, Show me Freedom. I grouped everyone up to teams, gave them ample time to plan it and asked them to freeze their representation of Independence. I personally liked Ate Cathy’s (it was very fitting) and decided to gave her group’s kids prizes.

The hospital party was on its tail end when we took a break and gave everyone lunch. We served their favorite Jollibee Chicken Joy and Spaghetti. Our generous guest provided more than enough to serve the kid’s parents as well.

Last stop was our customary gift giving. We gave out tons of school supplies and coloring books not only to the ward we where in but also in other places include the Cancer ward. What a blessed day indeed!

U! Happy Events would like to send our gratitude to Kuya Chris and Ate Janine who lead their friends to a fulfilling Sunday morning. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events