739 Ate Janette’s Sunglasses with Bahay Aruga

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Kuya Paulo Damian

The summer heat has been really scorching recently and going outside can be a bit tough. When we learned that the venue for our event that Sunday afternoon was going to be an open area, it was really a concern. But for some reason, the heat wasn’t that intense and there were even some strong breezes. Maybe it was just luck but I think it was God’s way of saying that he’s also a part of our Core Team and he’ll always help us out.

Aside from having good weather, this day was also special because aside from our main sposnsor, Ate Janette, 3 other people also are also celebrating their birthday; 2 kids from Bahay Aruga and another kid friend of Ate Janette. If birthdays are fun, imagine that fun times 4! Everyone was just excited to start so Kuya Harvard proceeded by asking the Ates and Kuyas to introduce themselves. After that, we had a series of games. One game, in particular, was really enjoyed by the kids that our hula hoop props got broken. But nobody got hurt and everyone’s having fun, so that’s alright.

After all that was the main highlight of the day: Our Art Workshop! For that afternoon, our artist, Ate Blanca, decided that since it was summer season, it’s only fitting that we make something that can be used by the kids. And what better choice for summer than the all-time favorite: sunglasses! The only difference is that our DIY sunglasses will be made of cardboard for the frame and cellophane for the lenses. Not as fancy as Ray Ban but it’s definitely more creative. Everyone had their own unique input. Some even had heart-shaped lenses. Even the nanays of the kids joined in! It was such a sight to see everyone helping out each other on the design of their glasses. After everyone was done, it was time for some merienda.

The day ended with a prayer by Ate Janette and her friends. Their wish to God was that the kids would regain their strength and would be able to live their lives like other children. Battling cancer is indeed tough but with a loving family and people like Ate Janette who are willing to dedicate their time and resources to the kids, it becomes a little less of a burden.

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