790 Ate Jackie’s Basketball Workshop with Kuya Center

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

Under most circumstances, the sponsors in our Create-Your-Own-Event put together activities that are close to their heart. Last Saturday though, Ate Jackie decided to do a Basketball workshop with 25 young and cheerful kids at Kuya Center. She wasn’t exactly a basketball fanatic herself but she selflessly thought that this would be something the kids would thoroughly enjoy.

The day may not have had the usual number of volunteers but it did not lack in energy. Coach Dennis, a skills and conditioning coach of professional basketball team Rain or Shine, was accompanied by his family. He was due to lead the short basketball clinic lined up later on in the day. Seeing that they were quite enthusiastic, we decided they would do well to serve as volunteers too – which the gladly agreed to.

The groups got to know each other first by sharing their favorite games and colors, among other things they were able to talk about. They also got to pick their group names which made it even more fun.

The event then proceeded to its first game – the Pass the Basketball. In this game, four (4) gestures were taught to everyone first – a Cross, a Heart, a Smile and a Bible. It was important for them to know these first because these gestures were what they had to be quick to perform to win points for their group. As a song played, a basketball was passed to each member of the group. When the music stopped, whoever had the basketball had to be quick to stand up and do the gesture (or gestures) being asked for. Soon after several rounds, one of the teams emerged as the quickest to the draw and they won the game.

The next activity was something more intimate. Coming off the gestures described in the last game, the entire group got to listen to the important story about it. Using a ‘wordless’ book (composed of purely colors), the volunteers and kids learned about Jesus’ story and His free gift to everyone. The Heart represented God’s love for everyone, which He displayed through the Cross, or Jesus Christ. Because of what Jesus did on the Cross, everyone had a chance to live a delivered and joyful life (a Smile), which is testified by many people as described in the Bible. Prayers ensued which was indeed a blessing to see.

The event then proceeded with the workshop proper. Coach Dennis organized everyone according to their groups as he first taught the ‘triple threat’ basketball position. The next 40 minutes or so proceeded with a lot running, dribbling, passing and shooting drills. It was such a treat to experience doing basketball basics with a professional skills coach from the PBA no less. It may seem that 40 minutes would be a lot. But when you have 25 young and eager spirits, it would definitely leave room for some excitement for the game with the kids wanting more.

After the very thorough skills and basics training, the volunteers and kids sat back down with their groups to enjoy a Filipino-favorite snack. With some nourishment in them, the kids joined to sing Ate Jackie a Happy Birthday. It turns out that it had been a month since she celebrated her birthday. But her desire to reach out never wavered. She then gave out gifts to the kids, including some basketballs they can use in playing the most popular game in the country.

Thank U! to Ate Jackie for celebrating your birthday with Kuya Center. As a popular saying goes, “Basketball never stops.” It is our prayer too that loving others, especially kids, through volunteering never stops too.

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