632 Ate Issa & Dr. Guy’s Christmas Tree Making with Children of Infanta, Quezon

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Written by Board Member, Ate Issa Gayatin

This is probably the most memorable birthday celebration that I could think of – I was in a mountain province with my closest friends doing an outreach event for kids and after that, explored a rainforest starting from 700 feet above mountain going below.

It was a blessing that I was able to speak to my friend, Dr. Guy Paguio, about my plan to do an outreach for kids on my birthday. Since we have the same special day, he immediately said he was approved of my idea and he is very much willing to partner with me. He said he recently bought a new place in Infanta Quezon and there is a school nearby called Little Baguio where we can have an outreach. We carefully planned everything from activities to be done to people involved. Considering I’m part of U! Happy Events, I decided to make this outreach part of ours. It was my vision to bring us to a different level- to partner with communities that are not being reached out yet. So on November 11,2015, my church friends together with Art teacher Ate Blanca Fuentes and Kuya Ed Crisostomo, we braved to go up in Infanta Quezon.

When we got there, Dr. Guy was already there greeting us with his wife, Ate Paz, and some of their friends from CCF. The kids were 45 in number so we divided them into 5 teams, each team named after an animal namely, Leon team, cat team, tiger, team, dragon team and dog team. The teachers of the students were also there so we decided to included them along with the volunteers so they can have fun with the kids. To start of, Dr. Guy led the prayer and thanked God for all the blessings that we have received and for blessing the activities that we are going to do that morning.

After that, one of the volunteers, Kuya Ariel, led the praise dance in the song ” Let’s go”. He taught the kids the proper way of dancing for the Lord. The thing is, there is no electricity in the area. Imagine what luxury we have and how simple their life can be up there. Knowing the condition, Dr. Guy brought out his wireless speaker so every kid can hear the music. Kuya Ariel did a pretty good job as all the kids and even the teachers were dancing to the beat of the song. It was their first time to do a praise dance. We are very glad that the Lord was being glorified in the event. After that, we led the kids inside the classroom. It was time for our next activity- cheese ring relay game.

The game is to transfer the cheese ring using a straw from one end to another. I officiated the activity. As soon as we started, the area was filled with laughter and so much noise. After a while, we awarded Leon team as the winners who were able to transfer 4 rings. Then it was time for the art workshop headed by Ate Blanca. Since Christmas time is very near, she taught the children how to make a paper Christmas tree. Everyone was very excited to make one including the volunteers.

As soon as everyone were done, Ate Blanca picked 5 best artworks, one for each team. The winners were given prizes respectively and had their photo taken with me and Ate Blanca. It was nearing lunch but we prepared another exciting but short activity for them- storytelling with Kuya Ariel. Kuya Ariel made a very nice visual presentation to better illustrate and explain God’s creation. As Kuya Ariel were discussing, the kids were seen to be all listening attentively. They seemed to be amazed by how wonderful God’s creation is. Thanks to Kuya Ariel for his dedicated heart for God and for the children. Because of that activity, the children learned how to take care God’s creation.

After that, it was time for lunch. We distributed meals from Jollibee and cupcakes for dessert. During the distribution, Dr. Guy taught the kids how to say thank you every time they receive something. Also during lunch, I make the most of time by discussing to the kids how to have a proper hygiene. I pointed out to them the different uses of toilet materials we are distributing later on.

After eating, with the help of Kuya Andy and some teachers, we gave away the toilet set give always. The kids were all very happy. It’s so heartwarming to see that their smiles are very precious and pure, they are not used to receiving a lot of things. Truly, the spirit of Christmas was present in the area. Before we hugged everyone and said our goodbyes, we had a group photo at the field overlooking the magnificent view of mountain province. This is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Everyone were so blessed to be part of that event and were looking forward to having another one. Thanks to the wonderful team who was with me during that time, to Uhappy events for supporting me and for Dr. Guy, my co-birthday celebrant for his kind accommodation and amazing heart of service.

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