Friday Lawyer’s Club’s Art Workshop with John David V. Salvador Foundation

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Written by: Ate Issa Gayatin, Core Team Member

A fun-filled Sunday Morning of December 3, 2017 transpired in JD Salvador Foundation. It was another moment to remember for all the kids and the devoted sponsors for that morning. Ate Ice and her friends have been doing charity works to kids for many years and it has become a tradition to give back when they get together every Christmas. It was their first time in JD Salvador and they were very excited for what is in store that morning.

The event started off with getting-to-know part where all the volunteers were lined up to introduce themselves and to showcase their talents-singing their favorite Christmas songs. The kids sang along with their Ates and Kuyas and it was a melting sight to see. A face painting booth were put up on one side and kids took turns simultaneously. After the get to know stage, kids and volunteers were grouped into 5 teams. Each were asked to name their teams and to introduce the names of the kids to everyone.

Then the game portion began. Ate Amy, the secretary of U! Happy Events, officiated the games for that morning. The first game was ring relay. In this game, participants should transfer rings using straw from one end to another. This game made everyone exhausting but enjoyable as well. Team Mapagbigay won in this game.

Next up is the puzzle game. Teams were given puzzles and the fastest one to form wins. This game is interesting because it exercises quick thinking and agility of the participants. The teams were all competitive as almost everyone got points in this game. Alas, Team Carol won in this game.

Time seems to run quickly as it reached towards lunch time and it also started to rain. Despite that, excitement never fades in the faces of each and every kid. They were into moving to another activity. Thus, Ate Amy called in another game- Bring me art. The task is that teams must cut out accurately what the game master requests. First to submit gets the point. In this game, creativity and speed must be exhibited and boy, it was shown by the Ates and Kuyas. Team Mapagbigay won in this game.

Energy were already running out and it’s almost lunch time. Food was then served. What’s more amusing is that Ate Ice and her friends put up a Candy bar on one side of the place. Kids can pick candies of their choice! There were lots of candies like gummies, different kinds of chocolates and even biscuits. It’s no wonder why kids were so happy!

After eating the sumptuous meals prepared for everyone, give aways were given to each kid. Aside from that, the Ates and Kuyas distributed story books. What a great treat for the kids!

It’s almost time towards the end of the event but before that, a photo op was done. Then kids hugged their amazing Ates and Kuyas and bid goodbye. It’s such a heartwarming sight to see.

Thank U to the Friday Lawyer’s Club of 1E San Beda College of Law for making this wonderful event possible. You guys are awesome in what you do!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events