254 Ate Irene Celebrates with National Children’s Hospital

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Written by Board Member, Glenn Costales

The National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City was once again the site for a gathering of volunteers and children beneficiaries. Already the 2nd of back-to-back events that day, the group continued to glow with fervor as they are welcomed by children from the hospital’s pediatric ward. Ate Irene, a professional working in Singapore, continued her birthday tradition of reaching out to children by partnering with U! Happy Events for the day’s celebration.

With her friends present and together with other volunteers, the event started on arguably the best note – lunch! The volunteers personally went up to each kid and distributed food in their wards. They also took time to chat up some of the children and their family members to know more about their condition and to find ways where they could encourage them. This aspect of course is one of the things U! harps on to create an even bigger impact during the events.

After the nourishing meal, the children gathered to a spirited story-telling courtesy of Ate Dyaly from Adarna House. Adarna House publishes books that promote the Filipino language and values. It was quite evident that the kids enjoyed the vibrant tale of Ate Dyaly as it was a refreshing sight outside of their everyday rigors in the hospital.

The group then proceeded to the day’s main activity, poster making. Color pens and crayons were lined up as illustration boards were laid in place. The kids colorfully and creatively drew their posters which illustrated their hopes and dreams. Some of them were as immediate as just being able to be healthy again. While others represented their life-long dreams of owning a big house and being gathered with their distant family members. As the volunteers guided them, the children’s hearts were slowly being put on that simple canvas. It was indeed the moment that brought meaning to the day.

“For the most part, children live life unfettered by the cares and sorrows that burden adults” (Randy Kilgor, odb.org). Indeed the parents have the more complex understanding of the realities that surround them, especially in that hospital. But somehow, their children’s innately carefree attitude produces a steadfast spirit that manages to get them through each day. Just what the doctor ordered.

U! would like to thank all the volunteers who attended, especially to Ate Irene for sponsoring the day’s event. The group is likewise grateful to the National Children’s Hospital for again opening their doors to U!.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events