731 Ate Ines’ & Friends Celebrates with UNO Kids

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

After a big event with Gawad Kalinga for Mural workshop in the morning, we went for another happy event in the afternoon. This time it was with our community partner in Manila, UNO Kids. This NGO headed by Ms. Lilet Tupas, provides feeding program and school supplies assistance. They also provide children’s right for education in the area and some neighbor barangays.

Ate Ines Escario’s group were students in College of Saint Benilde. It was a school requirement activity.

Our group prepared an interactive and engaging set of activities. After getting to know each other through three questions, we got the team to design their own animal masks. We gave them a task of establishing a common theme. After which, teams had to paint a picture of a forest.

Next was Save the Sea game. We googled sea creature templates, cut them up for this activity. The goal is to fan back all the sea creatures in a large woven tray (bilao) using paper plates. The team who does this first wins. Its a type of game that gets everyone going.

We had to take a Mcdonald’s break from all the action. Before saying goodbye, the kids performed a series of dances with their Ates and Kuya. I had to turn off the music or it would have taken hours. :) Ate Ines friends gave cups as gifts and hugs were given back to them for another memorable outreach.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events