333 Ate Ina and Ate Vern Celebrates with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

We normally get sponsors to have an event with kids on a birthday, Christmas or a CSR outreach program. It was a different case for best friends, Ate Ina Ongsiako and Ate Vern Enciso. They celebrated their college graduation with 26 kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children.

The afternoon started with a dance from the U! Happy Events Core Team while we waited. We taught the kids our dance Happy. As volunteers start to arrive, we got them to sit in between the kids. No words to describe how excited they were for what’s ahead.

Kuya Harvard got the volunteers and kids acquainted by throwing questions to each other. After that, we jump started the event with Kuya Danny’s Magic Show. The kids were glued to their seats with amazement to every “move” the magician made. Well, even the volunteers were at awe with Kuya Danny’s skills.

To get everyone more comfortable and loose, Kuya Harvard got them to team up for Dance Showdown. In this game, groups had to execute a 10 second dance through the leadership of one dancer. The team that showed the most creativity and cohesiveness wins. Ate Vern’s sister, Verniece lead her team well to a big W.

We got Kuya Rich Rodriguez next for an animated story telling. He got two share two stories: Ang Mahiyaing Manok and Sandosenang Kuya. In both he emphasized what the kids can learn and how it can be applied to how they live.

The hot afternoon ended with merienda, ice cream and lots of giveaways! Congratulates Ate Ina and Ate Vern! :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events