422 Ate Imee’s Story Telling with Philippine Orthopedic Center

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

It was the 4th and final event for the Saturday. The U! team made their way to Philippine Orthopedic Center in Banawe, Quezon City for a day of story-telling with over 40 kids from the Pediatric Ward. This ward also played host to a ‘variety-show’ type of event a few months back. This time though, a more relaxed activity was in store for the children – relaxed but nevertheless fun.

Ate Imee and her friends got together this December and decided to partner with U! They simply agreed that it would be a better celebration than the usual parties most people are busy with during this time of the year.

It was another early afternoon event yet Ate Imee and her friends arrived with much anticipation and cheerfulness. A few volunteers were likewise present equally eager to meet the kids. The volunteers were distributed in different parts of the ward to spend a few minutes to get to know the kids. Some of the children were actually also there during U!’s 1st event in the hospital last August.

After getting to know each other, the kids and volunteers then focused their eyes and ears to a story-telling by Ate Dyali of Adarna House (Adarna is a publisher of children’s story books). It was an animated narration by Ate Dyali of 2 stories, one of which was about the reason for the season – Jesus Christ!

The volunteers soon followed suit as they were given a few minutes to be the story-tellers to their kids within the ward. They got to choose from a selection of story books from Adarna House, each providing not just a colorful tale but also important values for young ones.

Food soon arrived and the volunteers distributed them to each of the kids. With the day winding down, they handed out their Christmas gifts for the kids as they also took the time to pray for them and say their goodbyes.

Blessings were truly abounding that day. U! Happy Events is only one of numerous organizations looking to help kids experience joy especially this Christmas. It is really a blessing to know that this mission is shared with other groups and private individuals.

U! expresses its sincerest gratitude to Ate Imee and her friends for putting their resources together and reaching out to the kids. Much thanks also to the volunteers who were present that day. With the many festivities this season, we hope that they will always be reminded that all of us – in one way or another – are ‘blessed to bless.’

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events