953 Ate Hanna’s Flower Bouquet with Ospital ng Makati

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Written by President, Kuya Glenn Costales

It was quite nostalgic to once again see the colorful walls of Ospital ng Makati’s pediatric ward where we had a handful of events before. What was even more refreshing was meeting people who exuded enthusiasm, cheerfulness and hope despite challenging circumstances. This was greatly evident with Ate Hanna, our sponsor, and Kuya Jeck. They were our husband and wife tandem and very willing volunteers who led the way for a simple yet meaningful event with over 30 kids.

Despite a timid start to the day, the children and their guardians eventually opened up and welcomed being part of our event. Soon enough, we had three (3) very lively groups of kids with their equally energetic parents/ guardians.

To get things started, we played the Bring Me Art game. Using colored art papers and scissors, the groups had to quickly cut out the items being asked for. We tried to make it both fun and tough for them so they could use their imagination and creativity. The items we asked for included a kite, a book, an ice cream and even a lechon. After several rounds, the winning team led by Ate Hanna was rewarded with story books as their prize.

We were then introduced to an amusing and wacky character in Kuya Macky the Clown. The kids sure got a kick out of his performance that was both funny and interactive.

U!’s own Ate Amy, a Sunday school teacher herself, led the next part of the program with a radiant and ‘blossoming’ art workshop. Ate Amy taught the kids how to make a flower bouquet using simple art papers, scissors and some glue. The steps were relatively easy to follow but the kids and their parents did muster a bit of inspiration as they made their own designs for the flower petals and the stalks themselves. In the end, the kids had a bouquet art piece that they could display by their bedside.

As the event wound down, we distributed gifts to the children composed of a baon pack which they can bring to their first day of school and a teddy bear they can cuddle at night. Before taking a group photo, Ate Hanna gave a very heartfelt message to the kids and their parents about keeping the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and allowing the togetherness and love of family to see them through each day.

We are grateful to Ate Hanna and Kuya Jeck for their sincere and eager hearts to spend this day with the kids of Ospital ng Makati. Judging by the reactions and expressions of the kids and their parents, it was truly a special day they would not soon forget.

Short article written by our Sponsor – Ate Hanna Moster:

When I lost my son almost 2 years ago, I kept on thinking on how I will move on. I hate going to hospitals. I hate seeing a child in pain. I hate seeing a mother crying. I realized though that the more I turned my back from reality, the more I missed my son. So to keep our love and support for him, we thought of helping children who are in need. That’s when U! Happy Events came along. It’s my 1st time to do a gift giving activity and I really felt the love from all the mothers who just want to be happy even for a short time. I tried to be energetic until the end but tears fell down when I gave my message. Indeed it’s a journey for each of us who wake up and thank God of another day. It takes courage for parents who keep on finding ways to extend their son’s/daughter’s life. It’s an endless prayer asking for God’s mercy to cover the pain. It was unforgettable moment that I will cherish forever. I plan to come back though the parents and I made a promise that we will never see each other again. Each child has the right to be happy and live a healthy life.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events