593 Ate Guia Celebrates with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Written by Vice President for External, Charmain Tan

It’s another busy Saturday for the team of U! Happy Events. We spent the morning at Philippine Children’s Medical Center to celebrate Ate Guia Galvez’s birthday. We invited the children from the pedia ward, together with their parents, to join our festivities.

PCMC is a government-run hospital that started operations in 1980 focusing on diseases afflicting Filipino children. It is one of the three level IV training hospital in the Philippines. By the 1990’s PCMC had become the leader in pediatric medicine in the country.

To start, the volunteers were asked to go in front and introduce themselves in a fun way. They were tasked for a five-second dance number which the kids enjoyed. It was followed by an entertaining Magic Show by Kuya Koby. He picked Ate Guia and one of the children to join in the show to make it interactive as well. It was so enjoyable that people kept coming to watch. Some doctors and the staff came that made the activity center so packed.

Ate Guia then distributed the gifts and balloons for the kids with the help of her friends and family. There were abundant supply of food from her as well. After the event the volunteers even visited the different areas of the hospital.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events