222 Ate Grace Celebrates with Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

Our team was wondering how Ate Grace, our sponsor was able to fit her heart for the kids in her frame. She provided much of the kids needs in this event and after and even invited a number of her friends to join. After a month of planning an art activity for 28 kids from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, the celebration finally happened last August 3 at their center.

The afternoon started quite unusual. We got rained on when we were just about to start. It was a first for U! Happy Events in 7 years. Since the home was not big enough to fit 54 volunteers and 28 kids, we moved our event to the nearest Barangay Center, Barangay Orambo. It was fortunate that they were willing to host us on a very short notice. “We didn’t have a plan B”, says Kuya Harvard. “We were so confident that it won’t rain that day”, he adds.

It was indeed a test of volunteerism as we transported the kids through cars while everyone else walked around 200 meters to the Barangay in the pouring rain. Despite the delay and inconvenience, the activities went well. The Art Attack was first and it was headed by Kuya Robby. It was his third time to partner with us. It was all about making portraits, cartoon style. Kuya Robby emphasized the need to go out of the norm and challenge ourselves to be more creative. So we got some faces shaped in stars, triangles and what have you.

We got Kuya Joey to do Magic Show next. Some of the kids witnessed Magic for the very first time. One of them is Jessica. She was so happy! She would even jump from her seat. Whenever we witness things like this, we get to be inspired to do more for kids.

While eating we played a mini Game, Art or Bayong. We got kids and volunteers answer 5 trivia questions. One of them is this- If you look at the painting of Monalisa, what is missing on her face. Most got this question correctly. She didn’t have eyebrows. More than actual art activities, we also gave a bit of art lesson to everyone.

Thank you as well to the team from PSID who went with a big team. To Ate Charlotte who went with friends and provided ice cream carts and art materials. Thank you to all the volunteers who went and braved the weather. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events