429 Ate Grace Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

Friday, December 26, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Last Friday offered a leisurely adequate mood for the better part of the holiday morning. As the early afternoon came though, a burgeoning thrill filled the Makati Coliseum Function Room as the team prepared for another gathering with Virlanie Foundation. Mrs. Grace Go, mother of Core Member Joyce Go, partnered with U! to celebrate her birthday with 35 kids from the Makati-based children’s home.

As the kids started to arrive, Mommy Grace’s family and friends were already in the venue patiently awaiting the event’s festivities. Soon enough, each ate and kuya was paired up with a kid for the day.

As always, each pair was given enough time to get to know each other. This aims to break-the-ice between the volunteer and kid to fully enjoy each other’s company. And like most events, a dance number soon followed. This is a part of the program that comes as no surprise to frequent U! volunteers.

Kuya Koby then took the ‘stage’ for a dazzling magic performance. Being one of U!’s resident performers, Kuya Koby made sure to involve the crowd in his tricks – even including Mommy Grace in one of his acts.

The ‘Shape It Up’ game was next in line for the day. In this team game, members joined their hands while forming the different shapes asked for. Several shapes later, one team came out on top and won helpful and colorful story books for their kids.

Another game that tested teamwork was soon in line with ‘Hula Together.’ The teams were given a Hula Hoop which they had to hold up using only one finger from each member. They then had to bring the circular toy down with their fingers in contact with the hula hoop at all times. With U! Core Members as marshals, the teams had an astonishingly difficult time figuring out how to bring the hula hoop down let alone finish ahead of the others. After numerous attempts, one team emerged as the winner and got another set of story books for the kids.

The volunteers and kids were again seated for a sparkling bubble show. Bubbles were soon coming to life – long and small ones, giant ones and even groups of the fizzy creations. It was another entertaining display that delighted everyone.

The entire group then settled in their seats to a delicious early evening snack. After everyone finished, the volunteers and kids cheerfully sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mommy Grace with the customary candle-blowing following shortly.

With the day almost done, the kids lined up to receive their parting gifts from Mommy Grace. They also took the time to hug their ates and kuyas as they bid each other a farewell.

Christmas day had just passed yet everyone was still in a giving attitude. U! Happy Events is grateful to Mommy Grace for choosing to celebrate her birthday with the kids of Virlanie. U! also thanks her family and friends, as well as the volunteers who came, for spending a very meaningful day with U!

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events