468 Ate Grace Celebrates with Holy Family Home

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Written by Kuya Harvard

I always look forward visiting the children of Holy Family. I have met them a number of times since we started going there back in 2013. The first event I had with them was an Accessory Making workshop. There were 20 of them present that afternoon ready to celebrate life with our sponsor and birthday girl, Ate Grace. Ate Grace was joined by close family and friends.

We had an amazing time balancing quite a pack of activities. We started with our two mainstay artists: Kuya Jason, a singer and Kuya Rich. a story teller. Both of them entertained everyone well. Across the room we see participation from singing along or just plainly listening with a smile on their faces.

I made sure that energy and interaction continue to fill the event. I got to organize three games. The first was two sets of passing something from one person to the other. Since we just came from songs, I got them to pass different nursery rhymes. I shifted that to passing charades in the theme of animals. It was interesting to see actions pass so quickly from one person to the next.

The next game was Dance Showdown. Here, the 4 teams we had the whole time showed their love for dancing by competing against each other. They had to choose a leader who will lead and the rest follows. I got to based the winning team by their ability to follow the dance lead and the creativity they incorporated based on the songs I played.

The last three usual stops followed. Ate Grace lead gift giving to the children. She gave a way a pack of goodies that included story books, toiletries, school supplies and a doll. Thank yous were exchanged! We then had a group photo and eating time after.

Thank you once again Ate Grace and the rest who spent a wonderful time with the girls of Holy Family Home. :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events