825 Ate Gela’s Angel Decor with ECPAT

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

Ate Gela was a bundle of energy and joy as she celebrated her birthday with 25 kids from ECPAT. ECPAT is a non-government organization providing care, shelter and protection to girls against exploitation and abuse.

Our birthday celebrant was happily joined by her parents and college friends. Despite the early afternoon being apt for siesta, our volunteers came with high spirits and excited for the activities ahead.

The volunteers first introduced themselves in front of everyone. To have the proverbial ice broken, we had them do a 5-second dance to the amusement of the girls. After that, they were distributed into five (5) teams and got more acquainted.

It was then on to the first game. U! Secretary and resident dance instructor Ate Ren took front and center for the Pass-the-Dance game. In this game, each team lined up with their backs turned to Ate Ren. She then demonstrated some simple 8-count-dance moves to the first member of the group. That person then had to pass it on to the next, and so on. The team that finished first and got the dance right (or in our case, the closest to it J) won the point for their team. At first, the teams were racing to pass the steps to the next member. As the game went on though, they were taking their time as the contest came down to getting it right than finishing first. It was a neck-and-neck game and a great way to get everyone energized.

After the physical game, it was time for everyone to settle down for some mentally appealing exercise. Professional artist Kuya Robbie took the lead in this activity. With the Christmas season only a couple of months away, he taught the girls how to make a Christmas Angel décor. This activity made use of some elements that are readily available – paper plates, scissors, colored pens and some imagination. The volunteers helped the girls out throughout this part of the program and it didn’t take long before their paper plates came to life.

With their creations done, the entire group shared an afternoon snack. We then had all the birthday celebrants for October come up, with Ate Gela of course, and we sang them a Happy birthday!

The entire group posed for a final photo with their Christmas Angel décor and gifts. Our sincerest thank U! to Ate Gela, her parents and friends for being truly understanding and sincere in spending a meaningful day with the ECPAT girls. May God continue to shower them with blessings and we hope to serve with them again in our other events.

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