862 Ate Gabbi Celebrates with Heart at Play

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

The Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning was our venue once more with 25 kids from The Heart at Play Foundation. This has served as the foundation’s primary venue for their Dance Movement Therapy for kids with special needs. Ate Gabbi and her family again played sponsors to this event. We met them around the same time last year and they have continued to reach out and extend their time and blessings to these adorable kids.

Ate Gabbi was joined by her husband Kuya Jon and other family members. Aside from them, around 30 students from University of the Philippines (UP) also participated so we had quite a good number of volunteers that afternoon.

To start things off, the volunteers and kids were grouped for some getting-to-know time. After getting acquainted, we immediately proceeded to play the 1st game – the Pass-the-Towel Relay. With a piece of drinking straw in their hands, each member of the group raced to go around an obstacle and back and then pass the towel to the next member. The team whose members make it back first got the point and the first to 2 points won the game. The game sure energized everyone and it was a great game to kick-start everything.

The next game was our popular Hula Hoop Relay. This game needed the teams to join their hands while standing in a line. We gave each team a Hula Hoop and it was a race to pass the Hula Hoop over and around each member. This game surely never fails to deliver in excitement and just make everyone that much more into the event.

After the games, one of our resident magicians Kuya Rolly took center stage for his entertaining and interactive acts.

Next up, The Heart at Play had another round of Dance Therapy for the kids. This time though, the volunteers went with the kids. We could tell that that particular activity quickly developed into a unique and memorable time for our kuyas and ates as they escorted their kids through the ‘dance course.’

With much accomplished that day, the entire group settled down for a delicious snack. After the meal, Ate Gabbi and her family took the opportunity to hand out their gifts to the 25 exceptional and joyful kids.

We have grown quite familiar and fond with these kids over the last 12 months thanks in large part to Ate Gabbi and her family. They’ve continued to show eagerness to spend time with these kids. Thank U! to them and to all who made that event such an enjoyable one.

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