875 Ate Gabbi and Friends Celebrates with National Children’s Hospital

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

They say the laughter of a child is the light of the home. Our regular sponsor Ate Gabbi loves children and she has been constantly giving gifts to the children of some hospitals in the country. She has sponsored several events with us this year. The first celebration was when they celebrated Kuya John’s birthday with the sped kids of Heart at Play. Since then they have sponsored two more events with the kids of Heart at Play.

For the holiday season they wanted to celebrate it by sharing gifts with the children of National Children’s Hospital. It’s heartbreaking to see the children be so young and sick. Seeing them so little one can’t help but to hug them and hope for them to get better. As we got to NCH the hospital was decorated with beautiful Christmas ornaments. There was a blue Christmas tree made from balloons and a huge bear beside it. It was so adorable that I had my photos taken with the children.

We asked the kids to draw Christmas trees and we picked several who had the nicest drawing and gave story books as prizes. After that our magician, Kuya Kobe did a wonderful performance. He did his popular tricks like lighting several candles at the same time and colorful handkerchiefs coming out from everywhere. He also made lots and lots of birds fly out from books. He then performed his newest favorite trick. He drew a face on a white board as he played the song Pineapple Pen. The eyes of the face magically moved and the mouth opened and closed as though he was singing the Pineapple Pen song. The kids laughed as they sang with the song. He also called on several kids to help him out with his magic tricks.

Ate Gabbi and her friends then gave their gifts to the kids. They gave pillows and stuffed toys in colorful packs. They went around the other floor to give hearty meals to the children in the other ward. They also gave out coloring books and other toys to the kids. The parents were very appreciate of the small gesture we did. As parents they have to stay strong for their children. One mother had two of her children needing blood transfusion regularly. It’s really heartbreaking that they need to be in the hospital this holiday season. We hope for their fast recovery that they may enjoy celebrating Christmas at their homes.

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