347 Ate Frauline’s and Kuya Paulino’s Poi Workshop with Bahay Maria

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Last July 26, U! Happy Events got the opportunity to once again visit the energetic children of Bahay Maria. It was one of the busier days for the group as it was simultaneously holding 3 events in 3 different locations that Saturday morning.

This particular event was sponsored by Ate Bim, an individual sponsor, and Kuya Paulino Servado III of Planet Zips Philippines. Both our kind sponsors partnered with U! to celebrate their birthday and spend a day of fun at the Makati-based orphanage. Together with our sponsors’ friends, a handful of volunteers also showed up to support the occasion.

The event kicked-off with the volunteers and kids being grouped together. Then they were given a chance to get to know each other and really get comfortable with their groups. After a brief quiz to test if they really got acquainted, the day’s festivities finally got underway.

Kuya Paulino introduced everyone to the wonderful world of Poi. The art of Poi involves the use of tethered balls which one swings in a coordinated rhythm and flow. This is similar to the fire dance routine commonly seen in different beaches. (But of course, the day’s activity was taking a safer route by not lighting anything on fire.)

Kuya Paulino and his friends from Planet Zips distributed colorfully-designed sock-like garments to the kids which they filled up with rice – the simplest way to make a Poi. After that, the group demonstrated some basic Poi movements for the kids to learn. After several aptly-named movements and a few minutes to practice, the kids were beginning to have a blast with their new toys. They were swinging from left to right and having so much fun that their Kuyas and Ates couldn’t help but have a go at it too.

To inspire the kids even more, Planet Zips then displayed their Poi mastery and wowed everyone to an awesome ‘Poi Jam.’ They demonstrated amazing Poi tricks that showed just how totally unique and enjoyable this ‘flow art’ is.

After the exhilarating Poi exercise, the group then sat down for lunch and shared some more time together. And of course, being a birthday celebration, the kids got to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Ate Bim and Kuya Paulino as they blew their birthday cupcakes.

As they received their parting gifts, the kids gave a final hug to their Ates and Kuyas. They also exchanged written messages to each other which fittingly capped off the day’s experience.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to Ate Bim and Kuya Paulino for their support and for sharing their birthday with the kids of Bahay Maria. They made a decision to bless others on their special day and they truly deserve POInts for that. 😉

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