535 Ate Erika’s Circus Event with Tuklasan

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

A very famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi says that we must be the change that we would wish to see in the world. We saw this realized in Ate Erika, a flight attendant of 7 years. With her work, she must have seen much of the world, but on June 24, she took a step to bring forward a positive change in it. She decided to celebrate her birthday by bringing a circus-themed party to 25 kids of Tuklasan in San Juan.

It was a day filled with excitement that began as the kids lined up for their highly awaited face painting session. Upon their request, their faces transformed into a canvas for flowers and butterflies, dragons and superheroes! Even the volunteers joined in and had their faces painted too!

When all the kids were done, they were grouped into five teams. The volunteers then introduced themselves in front and sportingly danced to increase the merriment of the day. They then joined the kids in their groups to be amazed and entertained by Kuya Koby’s Magic Show.

A modified game of bowling followed. The kids of each team formed a line before a row of bowling pins. They were to strike the pins, but by throwing the ball, and not by rolling it. Their Ates and Kuyas were to stand on the other side of the pins to get the ball thrown and return it to the kids who will try to hit the pins again. It was a highly energetic activity as the groups raced to strike all the pins, and Group 5, as led by basketball player Kuya Ryan, eventually won.

Everybody then went back to their initial places to rest and further be astonished by an awe-inspiring performance from Dads Acrobats. Their daring stunts fascinated not only the kids, but even the Ates and Kuyas.

After the acrobatic show, it was everyone else’s turn to be creative with their bodies as they played “Shape it Up”! :D Kuya Harvard named shapes that they were to portray with themselves. The shapes were initially easy, but became more challenging as the game progressed. It was fun to see Ate Erika and her friends so competitive, as they guided their teams into the shapes of some of the most famous landmarks in the world, like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and our own Banaue Rice Terraces, among others. Group 5 won again! Kuya Harvard then included a bonus round, which required the teams to depict the shape of the pyramids and the sphinx in Egypt, and this time, it was Group 2 who won.

Food was then served to the teams. Ate Erika’s friends thoughtfully brought mouth-watering cupcakes and brownies that they gladly shared with the kids. :D Our volunteers also took the time to hand out their gifts to the children before the final part of the event.

When everyone was done eating, we all gathered to sing Ate Erika a birthday song. :D We then got ready to pose for group photos! The event concluded with thankful hugs and high fives given by the kids to their Ates and Kuyas. :)

Thank you Ate Erika for choosing to celebrate with us! You and your friends are an inspiration for the kids to dream big and to be beautiful inside and out!

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