435 Ate Deanina’s Breakout Manila with Metro World Child

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

2015 marks U! Happy Events’ start to its 9th year. With this achievement, the team is always welcoming new activities to integrate in its events. It was hence a fitting occasion when Ate Deanina, a media executive from a digital advertising agency, contacted U! Happy Events through Kuya Harvard to partner up for her birthday event.

The team soon found its way to the doors of ‘Breakout Manila.’ Located just along EDSA (near Greenfield, Mandaluyong), Breakout Manila is an interactive-escape game where participants need to solve clues to literally find the key and get out of the room. This room escape game has been gaining popularity recently not just among kids but for adults as well.

Metro World Child was the beneficiary for this birthday gathering. Metro World Child is an international organization providing support and Christian-values education to different families and communities all over the world. Ate Denz likewise brought along her friends for this unique experience with the kids.

A few ‘logistical’ challenges could not hinder the day’s celebration. The volunteers and kids soon gathered in a room just upstairs of Breakout Manila (thanks to Ate Deanina’s friend, Ate Christine) and finally kicked off the day’s activities.

The ates and kuyas soon got together with the kids and were grouped into 6 teams. They were then given time to get to know each other over a late lunch before setting out to play detectives. The 6 teams took turns in entering the rooms of Breakout Manila. The volunteers also appeared excited as many of them were new to the whole experience.

As some of the teams waited for their turn, they gamely competed in the Highest Bid game. In this game, categories were provided to the teams. They then had to put their minds together to bid the highest number they can enumerate in the category given. The team that successfully completes naming the number of their bid won the point. Several rounds followed and a team emerged as the winner gaining story books for their eager kids.

The teams soon started to return from their escape (or just from timing out) with their stories as to how tough the clues were. In the end, some of them weren’t able to complete the game but they nevertheless enjoyed the whole time with their ates and kuyas.

A story-telling exercise soon followed with a very important message – Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation. Using only colors, the story was presented in a very vibrant and distinct way. The lesson definitely got across to the kids and it was a meaningful end to the event.

Before parting ways, the kids were given parting gifts by Ate Deanina. They did not leave though without giving the volunteers a hug as well as a thank you for a wonderful day.

The U! team again expresses its gratitude to Ate Deanina for celebrating her birthday with Metro World Child. Thanks as well to all of her friends for spending their weekend with the young beneficiaries. U! hopes that they will treasure their encounter with the kids and steer them to a more volunteer-filled new year.

From Ate Deanina:

I’m so grateful for U! Happy Events for making my 23rd birthday outreach a memorable one. The volunteers and the kids sure did have fun with each other. I’m very thankful for having the kids of Metro World Child as part of this outreach. They are very sweet and loving. Hoping to have more outreach like this, this year. All glory and praise to God.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. –Matthew 19:14

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