782 Ate Cristina’s Face Painting Workshop with He Cares Foundation

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

Ate Cristina was very willing to have an outreach event exactly on her birthday. Since time was running out and we have’t found a successful match yet, she contacted He Cares Foundation direct and sent us the details after. More often than not, matches on weekdays are tougher with children in school. This was our 3rd He Cares Foundation partnership and definitely more will come.

Our sponsor being a fan of face painting, we agreed to teach each one how to instead of getting an expert to paint directly to the kids. We’ve done this before and it has always sparked self expression and creativity among the participants. Check out the photos and see how far it went.

Besides the main activity, our team also played a game called Pass the Ball. I recently coined this game months ago and has been quite a favorite. Now I have it when the opportunity is there. It gets competitive and its easy to play. You just pass the ball and when it stops at you, you stand up and do the symbol mentioned prior to it starting.

One unusual component we had here was a Chocolate Fondue effect. The friends of the sponsors got a lot of different types of candies, chocolates, etc and spread the chocolate on top. It was a definite hit to the kids and all had a surge of energy.

More of these sweets were given and this time in the form of loot bags. Although we agree that it’s not the most healthy choice, we also recognize the symbol that it shows- it is still a welcome blessing that brings happiness to the children.

Thank you Ate Cristina. We look forward for more collaborations with you in the future.

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