760 Ate Chiara’s Trampoline Park with Operation Blessing

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

It was a jam-packed Saturday as we have several events lined-up for the day. This morning was the birthday of Ate Chiara, who invited her friends and co-workers from BSP to celebrate with her. She’s been wanting to do celebrations like these since before. Now that she’s already working and have been able save up, she decided now is the opportunity to spend her birthday with the children of Operation Blessing. We have partnered with Operation Blessing since 2011. Operation Blessing was established in the Philippines in 1996. It has changed the lives of people through their medical response missions, community and children’s programs, skills training and livelihood, and water sanitation projects.

We grouped the children and volunteers so they had the opportunity to get to know each other. They introduced themselves and talked about their favorite actor and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Most of them wanted to be doctors, policemen, teachers, and others.

For the warm up activity we played the Pass the Ball game. The groups were given two balls and they had to pass it around the group as the music played. When the music stopped the two people holding the two balls had to stand and do the pre-assigned gesture. There were several gestures they had to do. There was the cross, X, heart, Mcdo symbol, and Kung Fu stance. The gestures were announced before the start of every round. In the end the group whose members stood up the fastest while doing the correct gesture won the game.

We then headed to the much anticipated Trampoline Park. The kids and volunteers were excited as it was mostly our first time to go there. The park features several trampolines where you can play basketball while bouncing up to the ring or dive into the thousands of foam cubes. We all eagerly changed into our special grip socks then got ready for the briefing. There were some guidelines to be followed ensure the safety of everyone. As we entered the park everyone was happily bouncing up and down. The kids did not seem to lose their energy as they excitedly bounced up and down. They tried the basketball as they bounced as high as they can to dunk the ball into the ring. They tried bouncing sideways onto the walls and landed straight up. They also tried twists and tumbles and jumped from one trampoline to the other. The kids had fun bonding with their ates and kuyas as they dove into the foam pool. The activity was definitely a good workout for everyone.

After the activity we all headed back to Splice Restaurant for our lunch. The kids ate heartily as they were all cooling down from the fun filled activity. Ate Chiara then gave out school supplies for the children. The kids sang a Happy Birthday song for Ate Chiara while she blew out the candle on her cake. She thanked the team of U! Happy Events for creating this special event for her. She was also thankful for the opportunity to be able to spend her special day with these children. They kids happily hugged their ates and kuyas as they said their goodbyes.

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