462 Ate Chessika’s Acting Workshop with Bahay Maria

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Written by Core Team Leader, Japhet Paragsa

After 3 weeks of not being able to attend any U! Happy event, I was very excited to go that Saturday, March 7. It will be my first time to meet the kids of Bahay Maria and I am thrilled to spend time with them. Without having gone through the details of the event prior, it was only then that I realized the event sponsor was none other than our resident ‘Kikay”, Ate Chessika. She just celebrated her birthday early that week and it wouldn’t be complete without sharing her blessings with our kid beneficiaries. In fact, she used her winnings in our past Christmas party to create her own event.

While the kids await the start of the program, the volunteers had an opportunity to interact with them. They shared stories, played simple games and laughed together. The energy in the room continued to build up as the kids and volunteers share their favorite movie genre and celebrities. Oh, the glitter in their eyes when they talk about JaDine and KathNiel. Simply adorable!

After that, we needed an Icebreaker. Magic. All eyes were on Kuya Jacob as he showed off his tricks. And it worked. The kids settled down and intently watched the show. Even the volunteers were captured by Kuya Jacob’s magic. But just like any other show, he had to take his final bow to give way to another set of exciting activities prepared for the kids that afternoon.

We tested the kids’ energy once more as we played “Act a Video”. The creativity were evident as they created scenes at school, a fiesta, Pope’s visit and even Pacquiao’s boxing match. Given that it was a game; there should be a winning group… And that’s none other than, our group! Kudos kids!

But that was just a warm up for the real deal. Our resident “Kikay” and celebrator has another treat for our kids to enhance their artistry… ACTING WORKSHOP! With her experience both on and off the theater stage, Ate Chessika challenged the kids to use their imagination and ingenuity to bring out their talent. One thing that we all learned after the session, it takes more than TALENT and CREATIVITY to becoming a STAR. It takes a lot of DISCIPLINE as well.

Thank you to Ate Chessika for being a blessing to the kids of Bahay Maria. Special shout out as well to the volunteers who supported the event – friends, followers and fellow bloggers of Ate Chessika.
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