761 Ate Cheska’s Kaleidoscope with Right Start

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Written by Core Team Leader, Edelma Sy

Millennials, or Generation Y are often stereotyped as self-obsessed and entitled – for a reason too, since “selfie” was coined in our time. And so it is always refreshing to see millennials breaking through these labels by engaging in activities that make a difference in other people’s lives.

This Saturday, we had the privilege of celebrating with Ate Cheska for her 21st birthday, which she spent with her friends and 23 energetic kids from Right Start. It was a drizzly afternoon, but the weather could not dampen our spirits for the kids arrived with contagious excitement. The venue was also impressively set up with colorful party decorations both indoor and outdoor, adding to the festive vibe.

We kicked off the program with a kaleidoscope-making workshop where the kids showed their creativity in designing their own kaleidoscopes. When everyone was done with their artwork, the children proceeded to have their snacks from a variety of food concession stands. The kids joyfully lined up for sumptuous burgers, ice cream, fries, and even custom-shaped cotton candy among others.

As more of Ate Cheska’s friends arrived, they were assigned to different teams and were given the time to get to know the children. All teams were also told to think of a group name related to birthday parties. Ate Amy then led us into a game called Name That Tune where teams were to guess the title of the song played and to dance to it after. It was a tight fight as all groups were competitive, but it was Team Cupcake who eventually won.
When the rain stopped, we went back to the garden for the highlight of the event – a bubble show! All the kids, (including us kids-at-heart) were all fascinated by the giant bubbles that only got huger as the they chanted “Bigger! Bigger!”. Several children and volunteers also had the breathtaking experience of being inside a giant bubble in front of a cheery crowd.

Before the program ended, Ate Cheska left our children a sweet and encouraging birthday message, with a promise to see them again when she volunteers with Right Start. We then dived into our customary group picture-taking, after which the kids flocked to Ate Cheska and her friends to give them their thank you hugs. 
Truly, it was an inspiring time to see young people reaching out to younger kids. A few moments with Ate Cheska revealed that she plans to take up law in order to someday defend the wrongfully imprisoned. Because of people like her, we can confidently echo Dr. Jose Rizal – we millennials are our nation’s hope.
Thank you Ate Cheska for a wonderful afternoon! May you continue to be awesome and inspire more in being a positive influence and role model to our children. Happy birthday!

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