352 Ate Cha’s Balloon Twisting Workshop with Gentle Hands

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

Visiting Gentle Hands in Cubao, Quezon City is always a moment to remember. The orphaned children in the center seemingly have all the reasons to be happy. They give you so much energy and smiles as you meet them. Thanks to Ate Charisse Vinta for giving us the chance to celebrate with them for the third time this year. It was her 23rd birthday treat with her friends.

The afternoon’s theme was all about balloons. We started going with the theme through the getting to know part. We asked their names, favorite color and shapes. Right after was a new game called Blow Me Up. Using different colored balloons, we challenged the 8 teams to shape the balloons by blowing them up! Thanks to 36 volunteers, the game got even more competitive.

Next stop was the much awaited balloon twisting. We got Ate Divine not only to demonstrate but also teach everyone how to make one. She got to do a parrot, rabbit, gun, marshmallow and a poodle in her showcase.

After a hearty merienda, we distributed our new profile exchange to the volunteers. The results of this new forms made the activity more interesting. Check out some of the messages exchanged.

The Saturday event ended with hugs, loot bags and cupcakes from Ate Cha and another celebrant, Ate Linet.

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