814 Ate Celine’s Rainbow Plate with Tondo General Hospital

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

It was only our second time at Tondo General Hospital and we can’t wait to come back and reach out again to children confined here. We were also joined by out patients for a happy morning. Thanks to birthday celebrant, Ate Celine and her friends for making this a reality.

It was a packed function hall with a crowd of almost a hundred. This is because parents and guardians accompanied some of the kids. Despite some having dextrose, we got to accomplish games, an entertainment, arts and a small feast.

We kicked off the event by asking Ate Celine’s friends to give us a dance a number. Based on my experience that always gives a boost and gets everyone acquainted faster. It was Ate Celine herself that lead her friends to dance Justin Timberlake’s, Can’t Stop The Feeling.

Everyone got to know each other next with me supplying three things they can share- name, favorite actor/actress and their dreams in life. Majority of the kids picked wanting to be a teacher and a police. These choices are quite common wherever we go.

One of our competitive games, Pass the Ball was next. They only need to pass two balls around, stand up and form a symbol if it stops at them. The symbols I curated were cross, x, McDonalds, chicken, karate and heart. When I played “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso”, one of the kids volunteered to dance the tune.

We took a break from sitting to standing up and got delighted together by Kuya Allan’s Bubble show. After one big bubble to another going across the room, we invited 3 pairs to go inside the bubble and experience what’s it like. The happiness was too much we were blown away.

Ate Blanca was supposed to administer Arts but she got into a small accident. I was then forced to teach one of my weaknesses. Good thing the Ates and Kuyas were creative and artsy, it went really well. Check out the photos of the kids awesome colorful rainbows.

A small feast of Mcdonald’s and Dra. Decena’s pancit and pandesal were shared by everyone. We then distributed story books lead by Ate Celine. These books will be a good addition to the kids everyday as they recover completely.

Thank you to our celebrant and to our coordinators, Dra. Decena and Dra. Pua for making it an event worth remembering in ages.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events