380 Ate Catherine’s Futkal with Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Written by Kuya Harvard

We believe that part of a kid’s development is getting them to engage in sports. Not only does it provide fitness, it also develops character through team work and discipline. It was our fourth Futkal (Football sa Kalye) session since and we look forward to having more in the near future.

Ate Catherine Delante celebrated her birthday tagging along her friends for an afternoon of drills and friendly game of Futkal for children of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. It was a happy and engaging activity to the kids even if only a few had a background in the sport.

We got Kuya Mark Goroy to lead the activity with his group of coaches and players. With 5 of them in tow, we got it more hands on. We even got to teach how to hit the balls using their heads.

Before it became dark, we got to serve soccer inspired bentos. After school supplies was given to all the kids. A football was also turned over to the beneficiary so the kids can practice more.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events