442 Ate Camille’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Written by Secretary, Glenn Costales

Art is a great medium to stimulate a child’s ability to express and relate with everything around them. This is why art workshops are among the favorites in U! Happy Events. And last Saturday, it was again the theme for the 3rd event of the day at Ospital ng Makati.

The volunteers assembled at the Pediatric Ward of the hospital for an enriching activity with around 12 children currently under the unit’s care. Ate Camille Del Rosario, the event’s main sponsor, was accompanied by her friends for her birthday engagement with the kids.

The room was packed but the volunteers managed to find their kids for the day. The parents/ guardians were likewise there to help out which was a welcome thing. As they say, “the more the merrier.”

With everyone paired up, the event immediately got to its main activity – the mural painting. U! Happy Events was privileged enough to be given a chance to paint one of the pediatric rooms in the entire floor. Resident artist Kuya Robby then took the mic and gave out instructions on how to go about it. Underwater animals were already outlined the day before to guide everyone in the artistic exercise. The pairs, paint brushes in hand, were soon told to pick any part of the wall and start painting. There’s really something about painting a canvass that sort of soothes and refreshes a person. This was evident in both the volunteers and the kids. After a few minutes and with the animals coming to life, everyone gathered again for more of the festivities.

Jacob the Magician then took front and center in a very entertaining and interactive magic show. He engaged the crowd in some of his acts which really got them in a cheerful mood. They laughed and applauded the wonderful display from the very dynamic performer and it definitely provided even more life to the venue.

Kuya Rich Rodriguez of Alitaptap Storytellers then got everyone together for a very spirited narration of an educational story. With the underwater feel of the room, the tale featured a couple of sea animals as well. In the end, it delivered a message about friendship and loyalty to those who heard it.

Snacks and gifts were soon handed out to the children. Ate Camille led the gift-giving with messages to get well also being expressed. The whole group also joined their voices to sing her a ‘Happy Birthday’ which was a fitting end to the event.

The day was indeed a lot of fun and U! Happy Events wishes Ate Camille the very best of the year ahead. The Lord’s creation is filled with colors and the event was a great way to be reminded of this astonishing blessing. Thank U! to all who became a part of it.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events