215 Ate Camille & Jaybee Celebrates with Bahay Maria

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Written by Kuya Harvard

One of our core team leaders, Ate Camille and her close friend, Ate Jaybee planned way ahead a celebration of their birthdays with kids. It happened last July 6 with 53 girls and a boy at Bahay Maria. It was the fourth visit of U! Happy Events since we started partnering with them last year.

We had an unusual treat from one of the most sought after bands, Callalily. It was their 8th year anniversary as a band and they wanted to perform for the kids. Not only did they played 6 songs, they also took the time to chat with the crowd. It was a packed event with 54 kids and 60 volunteers.

Another performance followed. This time it was magic man, Allan Soriano also known as Mr. Magnifico. He has performed in TV and he delighted everyone in a different way.

We partnered the kids and the volunteers after the shows. We got them acquainted through the use of our profile exchange. It had questions that really helps connect to each other. We grouped them into four and then we had two games. The first was reverse charades. In this game, one person guesses and the entire groups acts. The theme was movies. The second was beach ball relay. Here each partner attaches a balloon between them and rushes around a chair together. Yes, it was such an adrenaline rush game.

After our merienda, we had our signature Happy dance with everyone. Almost everyone were dancing. The core team did a great job enticing the crowd. We are getting to love dancing as a team too!

It was our first time to have the surveys done as well. If you fill it up, we give you a free baller ID. Volunteer with us and experience great stories like this too! :)

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events