832 Ate Cafaye Celebrates with Children’s Joy Foundation

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Written by Kuya Harvard

A girls 18th birthday or debu can be celebrated in different ways. It can be the traditional celebration of inviting family and friends to dine and party together. It can also be in the form of gifts. Ate Cafaye chose to be the gift and blessed Children’s Joy Foundation kids instead.

A number of friends joined in the fun with almost the same number of children. First to get everyone acquainted, I challenged the volunteers to group themselves and dance. Some were more coordinated than others. One team stood out as favorite with more kids cheering for them.

After a getting to know activity, I went on to do a variation of Pass the Dance. I combined the elements of that game and one of our favorites, Pass the Ball. Here you still go around with the ball but once it stops you have to copy a dance previously shown. Kuya Lex, our photographer did the honors for us. It was highly competitive and engaging.

Since we have more than a hundred cupcakes baked by Ate Cafaye’s mom, Ate Carol, I used this to come up with a new game. The rules are simple- cupcake relay and the last person should eat it first to win. To make it even more interesting, it was the same person at the end of the line. The last member of the winning team, Diego ended up having 6 cupcakes! I am not sure if he would have another one in weeks.

In another interesting turn of events, we ended up having both Mcdonald’s and Jollibee for lunch. I got the former while the latter was brought by the family. Which one do you like more?

To end this happy event, children presented a series of dance numbers to our delight. After which, they sang Ate Cafaye their own rendition of Happy Birthday.

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