762 Ate Buena Celebrates with Virlanie

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Written by Vice President for External, Kuya Glenn Costales

It’s not unusual for us at U! to have multiple events on a Saturday. But unlike most Saturdays, the biggest event of the year was lined up that afternoon. Before getting to that though, a very enthusiastic group of volunteers gave an encouraging morning ‘warm up’ with a day of games at Virlanie Foundation’s Tanglaw Home in Makati City.

Ate Buena, our birthday sponsor, assembled some family and close friends to spend the day with 30 kids from the child caring institution. With the kids already organized into four (4) groups, Ate Buena and company took center stage as they introduced themselves to the kids. Aside from their names, they also shared to them their birthday and their favorite game growing up.

After the initial introductions, the volunteers finally got acquainted with the kids as they joined the different groups. Since it was a day of games, they also came up with team names – Love Yourself, Dabarkads, Hashtag and Blue Eagles. With the teams set, it was time to get into the action.

The first game was called How-Far-Can-You-Go. In this mental contest, the mic was quickly passed around from one group to another for them to name an item from the given category. The mic continued to pass until one group either fails to give an item or mentions one already given. Several rounds pass and Love Yourself proved to be the most ‘mental’ and won prizes for the kids.

The next game was called Pass-the-Cheese Ring Pack. This was originally called Pass the Ball but since there were no balls, a pack of Cheese Ring (the junk food) was used instead. In this game, four (4) gestures were first taught to everyone – a Cross, a Smile, a Heart and a Bible. With the gestures down pat, the teams simply had to pass the Cheese Ring to each member of the group as a song was being played. When the music stopped, the person holding the Cheese Ring had to stand up quickly and perform the gesture being asked for. This was quite the contest as the participants not only raced to their feet but also had to figure out what gesture they had to do. Some rounds even had a multiple persons and gestures being asked for. In the end, Hashtag proved to be head and shoulders above the rest and won the game.

The last game was the most exciting one with the Pass-the-Charades game. In this game, a secret word was given to the first person in line (category: Animals). He/ She then had to act out the word to the next person until it reached the final one in the line. Aside from racing to act out the word (Charades style), they also had to make sure it was the right one. One round even saw all 4 teams failing to guess the word (which was quite difficult to begin with – an Octopus). Despite some struggles, the teams competed neck and neck with the Blue Eagle team winning this one.

After the close competition, some much needed nourishment was in tow for the entire group as they shared a delicious fried chicken meal. With the kids filled, Ate Buena gave out the prizes to the winning teams. As a parting gift, she also prepared some Baon-Packs to the kids in preparation for the coming school season.

Thank U! to Ate Buena and the very game kuyas and ates for completing the early Saturday afternoon event. With their warm smiles and bundle of energy, we were able to witness a fun fellowship between volunteer and kid. Happy birthday again, Ate Buena!

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