793 Ate Britanny’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Written by Board Member, Ate Charmain Tan

We celebrated the birthday of Ate Britanny. She’s turning 21 this year and is on her graduating year at University of Perpetual Help. She celebrated with her family at the Pedia Ward of Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK). Our partnership with OSMAK started in late 2014 and we had 12 events with them in the past. Out of the 12 events 10 of them were Mural Workshops. We aimed to finish painting all the rooms and hallways at the Pedia Ward and today, on our 13th event, after one and a half years, we finally completed painting the entire Pedia Ward.

Before we did our main activity we started the day with Ate Britanny’s family introducing themselves to the kids. We asked them to share things about themselves by beatboxing. The family tried their best to beatbox but it was Ate Brit’s lola who did the best beatbox performance.

We grouped the kids of volunteers into four and they got the chance to know one another by talking about their favorite food and their dreams. We then played the game Show Me Your Face. Kuya Harvard gave a scenario and the everyone were to portray it.. Instead of acting it out they had to show the emotions through facial expressions. They showed happy faces when they portrayed “Christmas”. They also did sad faces when the scenario was “having a stomachache”. It was Ate Brit’s lola once again who showed the most convincing facial expression.

Our next event was the magic show by Kuya Kobe of The Salamankero Group. He once again gave a stellar performance. Lots of doves flew out from picture frames, books, bags, and others. He had polkadot umbrellas which kept coming out. He called on two children volunteer in the front to participate. He also asked the children to try guessing which of the two cylinders held one bottle while he kept switching them around. The price, as Kuya Kobe said, was the adorable white rabbit that came out from a platter. The kids kept trying to guess but they kept guessing wrong. Everytime Kuya Kobe lifted the cylinder there was always a bottle inside. In the end Kuya Kobe showed us that both cylinders had bottles and more and more bottles came out. In magic, nobody can defeat it. He also did his popular flying table trick where the children watched in awe as the table flew above them.

We then did our main activity, the Mural Workshop. Our artists Ate Blanca and Kuya Robby have been doing the series of murals over the past year. This time Ate Blanca and her team did Treasure Island Adventure. The themes for the previous mural workshops were: Carousel, Cars, Space, Under the Sea, Animals, and others. This time we painted the halls outside Ward 7. Everyone paired up with the children as they headed to the paint station to pick their colors. In line with Treasure Island Adventure there was a huge and adorable whale together with a coconut tree and treasure chest. There were two happy children riding on the sailboats embarking on their adventure. There was also a purple and white stripe lighthouse and a volcano. The volunteers and children eagerly painted the white wall and transformed it into a vibrant picture of hope and the future that an adventure signifies.

After painting everyone had their snacks while we gave prizes to the group winners. Ate Britanny also gave out cute blue and yellow spongebob backpacks to the kids. The kids happily played with their white and brown bear that came with the backpacks. The family also went around the ward to give out more gifts to the children who couldn’t participate in the activity as some of them were having their chemotherapy treatment. It was nice to see the children happy even for just a little while as they have been going through a tough time at a young age. We thank Ate Britanny and the rest of the Libiran family for spending time with these children. By transforming the previously plain walls of the hospital to images with vivid colors we have brought the children to different places which they may never have the to opportunity to go. As they always say, “the world is a canvas of our imagination.”

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