798 Ate Bianca’s Badminton Workshop with ECPAT

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Written by External Vice President, Kuya Glenn Costales

It was another Saturday of firsts for U! Happy Events last August 20. Though it was a birthday event once again, it was made even more special because the celebration was the 18th for our sponsor/ debutante. With her special day a couple of weeks away, Ate Bianca gathered her family and friends to spend an activity-filled day with 18 girls from ECPAT, an NGO devoted to helping young girls from trafficking and abuse.

The clubhouse of the Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City served as the venue for the unique birthday event. It included a badminton workshop which was a first not just for our beneficiaries, but for U! Happy Events as well.

After being organized into several groups, the event started with the usual getting-to-know activity. This allowed the girls and the volunteers to be comfortable with one another.

With everyone acquainted, the event went right into the badminton workshop. Coach Anthony took the lead in this part of the program together with his co-coaches who assisted in leading the different groups. The next 45 minutes or so of the workshop proceeded with some drills and basic skills training to equip the volunteers and girls in the fast-paced sport.

After working up a sweat, the girls settled down for a very special gift giving activity. 18th birthday celebrations traditionally include 18 Gifts or Treasures which are given to the debutante as she transitions into being a woman. This time though, it was the debutante providing gifts to the girls. One by one, Ate Bianca’s family dedicated special items to our 18 girls. These gifts included an MP3 Player, chocolates, watches, back packs, school supplies, jackets, rosaries, friendship bands and badminton gear.

A generous serving of a familiar meal was then served to the volunteers and the girls as they spent more time with each other over lunch. With some needed nourishment in them, everyone was then ready to put on their best and brightest smiles for a final photo as a fitting caption to what had been a joyful day.

We wish Ate Bianca an awesome 18th birthday! Thank U! and your equally game family and friends for making the girls happy that day.

U! Happy Events

U! Happy Events